An interesting case for paralegals in Georgia (updated)

February 17, 2014 § Leave a Comment

I was reviewing recent Georgia Supreme Court activity as documented at SCOG Blog, and was reminded of Hodge, Administratrix et al. v. Urfa-Sexton, LP et al., a rare case of interest bearing on the status of paralegals under state law. Oral argument took place February 4, 2014 and can be viewed here.


Court of Appeals Opinion/Order (A13A0056. HODGE et al. v. URFA-SEXTON, LP et al.)
Cited cases:
Cardinal Robotics, Inc. v. Moody, 287 Ga. 18 (2010)
Lassiter Properties, Inc. v. Gresham et al., 258 Ga. 500 (1988)

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